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My Wish for World Doula Week 2017

Today marks the start of World Doula Week. I am so grateful for this event. It gives us a platform to showcase the benefits of Doula Support, and helps us explain to so many people what a Doula actually is.

From personal experience, the biggest misconception about Doulas is that they fill the role of a midwife. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Sure, some Doulas are trained midwives, but when supporting a woman in labour, these roles are specific. If you have hired a doula, she will be your doula, regardless of other training and expertise.

Throughout history, women have supported other women during childbirth. It is a time that only other women can truly understand (don’t get me wrong, the men are an important part of this too!).  Childbirth used to be something celebrated and supported by other women in the community, but in modern times, as our lives become so very distant from our families and communities, many women have lost this support. This is where a Doula steps in, helping a woman during this beautiful childbearing journey to feel connected and supported.


givingbirth ancient egypt
Ancient Egypt

Doula support is something that parents in the developed countries are still learning about. On the other hand women from the less developed countries, the rural places that most of us only see in photographs, benefit from this support on a regular basis. Could it be because they have not lost touch with their community? Or because women supporting women during their childbearing journey is normal and accepted?

My only wish for World Doula Week is to see women accepting support during this beautiful journey that they are embarking on. They deserve it.


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