Birth Affirmations

The use of birth affirmations during pregnancy and labour is on the rise. The reason behind this? As more and more women realize that their negative thoughts and fears can impact the effects of a positive birth experience, they are joining the thousands of women that use birth affirmations to help reduce anxiety and stress during their pregnancy and birth.

So what are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements made in the present tense, which you repeat to yourself daily. In this case, they are short sentences that can help you feel positive about any areas of concern or fear, during pregnancy and in preparation for childbirth.

How do they work?

In theory, affirmations can program the subconscious mind into thinking positively and in doing so, can attract success and improve your life.

We tend to underestimate  how much impact our emotions have on our bodies (and over our lives). If you are in a negative space, or are feeling negative, this can be reflected in your behavior and your interpretation of your life.
 Using affirmations can be a very effective way of changing the way we think.. If we think and speak in a positive way in the present tense we can release our negativity and allow for positive healing.

Affirmations for pregnancy, labour and birth.

Using affirmations during pregnancy and labour can help you reduce or eliminate stress and negativity and prepare for a calm, and relaxed birth.

According to women who have used affirmations successfully, the best way to achieve maximum effect is to say them out loud whilst you are in a relaxed frame of mind. This allows your suggestions to pave the route for positive change. Repetition is the secret to successfully using affirmations. Try saying your affirmations whenever you have a spare moment.

Free Affirmations for Pregnancy, Labour and Birth

I am a strong and capable woman

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