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6 Benefits of Skin-To-Skin Contact with your Newborn

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Self-care During Pregnancy – 5 Ways to Stay Healthy & Happy During Your Pregnancy

Most mums know the importance of care during pregnancy, like regularly visiting your healthcare provider and taking your prescribed supplements. In this article, however, we look at 5 additional ways to help you feel comfortable and happy (and sane) during your pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy. Light exercise during your pregnancy, even just a few times a… Continue reading Self-care During Pregnancy – 5 Ways to Stay Healthy & Happy During Your Pregnancy

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Eating & Drinking During Labour

As a mother who has been in this situation 3 times (so far), I had only started questioning why women are not allowed to eat or drink during labour once I had started my Doula training. My first labour was 22 hours long, 18 of which were spent in hospital, starving and parched! I had… Continue reading Eating & Drinking During Labour

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Oh Oh Oxytocin!

Although not the only hormone to play a role in childbirth, Oxytocin, the "love hormone", is one of the favorites. It plays an important role in social bonding, sexual reproduction, and the time during and after birth, and is produced in the hypothalamus & released by the pituitary gland in the brain. Oxytocin During Labour &… Continue reading Oh Oh Oxytocin!

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My Wish for World Doula Week 2017

Today marks the start of World Doula Week. I am so grateful for this event. It gives us a platform to showcase the benefits of Doula Support, and helps us explain to so many people what a Doula actually is. From personal experience, the biggest misconception about Doulas is that they fill the role of a… Continue reading My Wish for World Doula Week 2017

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Benefits of Doula Support..

There are so many articles available to expecting parents that explain the benefits of having Doula support. Below is a quick breakdown, with links to interesting articles below. During Labor and Birth Decreased Caesarean rate by 50% Decreased length of labor by 25% Decreased use of synthetic oxytocin by 40% Decreased use of forceps by… Continue reading Benefits of Doula Support..

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Doula: A basic breakdown..

Doulas provide labor support to women undergoing childbirth.  The term “doula” was developed in the 1960's to describe the comforting presence of a friend during labor. Historically, this type of labor support personnel has been used since the Greeks in ancient times, although they were servants and not professionals.  In modern times, doulas have seen… Continue reading Doula: A basic breakdown..