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Fitness Fun Studio

“Fitness Fun Studio offers gym classes to help you get fit and stay fit. All classes are different and offer a full body work out.”

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Yogi BearsZA – Yoga For Kids

Today’s world is very much oriented around being the best, the strongest and achieving the most. Yoga which means ‘to unite’ connects the whole self; mind, body and breath. Yoga teaches children that everybody has a different body and that different bodies can do different things but all bodies are the same. There is not one body better or worse than the next in yoga, we are all just discovering our bodies and learning from them in our own way. Yoga is truly for everybody. Yoga helps introduce children to themselves, through their body, building self-awareness, self- confidence all the while quieting their minds. The best characteristic of yoga is that it is portable, no mat, special clothing or room is necessary, only a willing body.  Yogi BearsZA aims at aligning bodies through balancing the mind whilst expanding the breath.

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Website: Yogi BearsZA – Yoga For Kids


Preggie Yoga @ The Yoga Sanctuary

Preggie Yoga @ The Yoga Sanctuary
49 Delaware Avenue
Saturdays 7:30am – 8:30am
R75 per class

Call: +27 (0)76 410 1410